Johanna Lyman is a published author, an internationally known speaker and teacher, and a Spiritual Love Coach. She has helped thousands of people throughout the world break through their fear, get clear on what they want and live the life of their dreams. Her work has been called “life changing” and “powerfully transformational.”

Johanna is a featured expert on several websites, including GalTime, YourTango and the Diva Toolbox.  She has written for the Huffington Post, elephant journal, and Shine! for Yahoo, and she has been quoted on, and Redbook.

Johanna Lyman

She has a depth and breadth of experience from fifteen years in corporate America, creating plans and solving problems in several different businesses, and then several years owning her own business. Johanna also solved serious problems in her own long term relationship and created a plan to move into a deeply loving, empowered relationship using the tools and skills she had learned in becoming Life Coach and an Intuitive Healer. She was able to derail her own divorce plans by uncovering her fears, break through old destructive behaviors and live her own most extraordinary life with her beloved husband of more than twenty years.

Romance Recovery is the love child of my several years of work as an Abundance Coach and the destruction and re-creation of my 20+ year relationship with my partner.

I help women create true and lasting romance by guiding them through a process of remembering how to love themselves.

Without taking this critical—and scary—step of learning to love yourself first, you are doomed to repeat the same “mistakes” (aka life lessons) with each new romantic partner. Our romantic relationships serve as a mirror for how much or little we love ourselves. Our beloveds are serving an important role in our lives: to show us how we treat ourselves. When we don’t like what we see, we think it’s their bad behavior. We don’t see that it’s merely a reflection.

Don’t believe me? Try this on, and see how it feels. Think of something you typically say about your partner in regards to how he treats you. It might be, for example, “He doesn’t respect me.” Now, as a wise friend once said to me, change the pronoun. Say, “I don’t respect me.” Sit with that, and see how it feels, and see if you can think of ways that you don’t respect yourself. Some ways might be that you don’t eat well, you don’t get enough exercise, or you ignore your intuition and second guess yourself.

Learn how to identify the feelings, beliefs, fears and behaviors that currently guide you in romantic relationships. Then decide for yourself which work for you, and get rid of the ones that don’t, replacing them with newer models designed to attract and keep true and lasting love.

I use a combination of traditional coaching techniques and intuitive healing to uncover old patterns, release the karma and ‘energy magnets’ that keep us stuck, to create deep and lasting healing so that you’re ready to move forward into an amazing romance.

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